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Headquartered and founded in the great city of Montreal, Quebec. We’re thrilled to be one of Montreal’s Top Social Media & Digital Marketing Agencies.

Located in the heart of Downtown Montreal at 109-2727 Rue Saint-Patrick,
Montreal, QC H3K 0A8.

Authentic is a digital marketing agency focused on moving the needle for the business. As a B2B digital marketing agency, we help organizations generate leads, nurture relationships, improve buyer engagement, build awareness, and improve opportunity creation.

Our approach is a hybrid of inbound and account-based marketing. 

We care about the impact of our work. We cut wasted processes and invest the programs that move the "business needle" using a LEAN model for management.

We audit and create an adaptive strategy. We act as a partner for growth. We help clients integrate marketing, technology, analytics, and design to achieve business goals. We fill in the talent gaps and become the strategy and execution engine to help companies grow, compete, and succeed.

Talk To a Digital Marketing Expert

Learn from the world's best Real Estate Facebook marketing practitioners & grow your business.
On-demand courses, 100% online. Fully self-paced.
Get access to proven Facebook ads & strategies that have closed over $400 million in sales.

A monthly membership where you have access to HANDS ON SUPPORT (AKA your Facebook dream team) to help fix your ad campaigns.

PLUS comprehensive, easy to follow training and access to a replicable framework for setting up, launching, managing, and scaling your Real Estate FB Ad campaigns and generating quality Real Estate leads within a couple weeks.

I've spent the last five years building out this framework and it's based off of hundreds of ad accounts and thousands of ads I've personally worked on or helped troubleshoot. The process is one we developed exclusively in our Real Estate Facebook advertising agency and you will come away with a high converting campaign not only delivering you low cost leads and profitable home sales, but more clients and a strong brand recognition in your market as well!

Start seeing The Results You Want With Your Facebook Ads

Plenty of people call themselves Facebook lead generation experts but few understand even the fundamentals. I have put together this in-depth and very hands-on coaching curriculum to give you the tools and mindset necessary to become a successful pro in the Real Estate industry.

You’ll not only learn proven testing methodologies, Facebook lead generation strategies, and conversion optimization skills but will gain access to the same processes that I’ve used to grow my Facebook ad agency clients Real Estate business.

Whether you’re a single agent starting out, an broker-in-charge of a team, or someone serious about creating more leads for your Real Estate brand, you’ll gain a set of skills that will give you a competitive edge and the ability to turn on a lead faucet anytime you want to generate leads on demand.

Take online courses on Facebook marketing, Instagram ads, lead generation, ad copy-writing, re-targeting mastery, advanced targeting, agent recruitment, funnel building, lead nurturing and client acquisition – all in a single membership.
Live Support Calls | Ongoing Strategy Trainings | Unlimited Ad Designs | 140+ Tutorials And Counting
TWO WEEK FREE Trial! $249 per month. No Contracts. Ongoing Support.
Learn From The Best To Become One Of Them
Having spent well over half a million in ads over 10 years and worked with top level experts at Facebook in Menlo Park, Travis Thom, Andrew and Caden have a deep technical knowledge of how to profit from Facebook ads.
In just 30 days, you will be able to...
Put together a Facebook marketing plan that won’t be obsolete in 2 years time—we’ve been doing this for 10 years, since the very beginning of Facebook ads.
Have leads coming in every week on demand. Not get caught off-guard by changes Facebook is making, since we’ll cover Facebook’s long-term strategy with video, bots, data, analytics, content curation, and automation.
Be well-versed in all the primary Facebook campaign objectives and ad types you can create.
You’ll walk away with all the tools that pro-level Facebook advertisers use and be able to actually use them, even if your budget is a few dollars a day, you’re not an advertising expert (yet...), and Facebook ads is just one of many responsibilities you carry as a Real Estate professional. By breaking the management and optimization of Facebook into bite size pieces, execution and results becomes a series of small, relatively simple steps that you can accomplish quickly and easily. These tools are free and include:
Facebook Pixel Helper—to troubleshoot conversion and tracking

Facebook Audience Manager—to build and tune custom audiences, saved audiences, and lookalikes.


Ads Manager (desktop and app)—so you know when to manage Facebook ads on the go versus when to sit down and make bulk changes.


Facebook Analytics—understand which metrics are important, especially as it relates to video ads, Facebook lead ads, and attribution.


Instant Experience ads, Collection ads, Carousal ads and so much more...


Expertly Crafted Funnels

Starting with the basics, learn step-by-step by following along bite sized videos that help you craft and master lead generating funnel creation. Broken down by category and dripped out to you over the course of a month so you can take your time.

Step-by-step Categories

Get up-to-date video training on advanced targeting strategies. Avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes that can derail your campaigns. Learn the much-needed tips, tricks, and how to's for creating and managing lead generation Facebook campaigns for Real Estate.

Actual Facebook Ad Strategies

Learn from real Facebook ad campaigns and dive deep into everything from Facebook Lead Ads, Canvas Ads, Messenger Ads and every other type of Facebook ad tool that you can use to turn on your lead faucet and build your Real Estate business.

On Going Updates & Training

Facebook is a fast-moving sand that can be hard to keep up with. However, with our on-going video and live webinar training, we keep you updated with new ad hacks, campaigns that you can follow step by step and stay ahead of the competition by knowing what's working now.

Develop confidence in your ability to create successful Facebook ads

Become a Facebook marketing master with profitable skills

Learn the skills that create valuable Real Estate clients every month

Become a Real Estate lead generation machine

Unlock the untapped business that your competitors don't know how to get

Uplevel your business by investing in yourself

Start seeing the results you want with your Facebook ads
Live Support Calls | Ongoing Strategy Trainings | Unlimited Ad Designs | 140+ Tutorials And Counting
$497 per month. No Contracts. Ongoing Support.


LIVE Support Calls Twice Per Week - screen share sessions, member campaign audits, troubleshoot your ads, Q&A and more
Put theory in practice right away - we'll build actual Facebook campaigns, week by week

Bi-Monthly NEW Ad Hack And Training

Unlimited Ad Designs - Static & Animated, branded to YOU

Unlimited Animated Single Property Canvas Ads

Direct Access To Coaches Travis Thom and Andrew Sneddon, Copy Writer Savannah Hoover, and Ad Engineer Caden Ottley. 

Access to Private Members Group on Facebook

On-Going Support 

Facebook updates BEFORE you hear them anywhere else

Learn the strategies we use for our Advertising Agency clients

Facebook Ad Copy Swipe Files


What Agents Have To Say

Anant Deoras @ Corcoran Chicago - I met Travis about a year ago through a nationwide facebook agent group.  From the beginning, Travis has been nothing but helpful and coming from contribution.  I'm actually not a paid client however he never pressured me into signing up for his services.  He is more than generous with his time and providing the critical facebook advice needed in this marketplace.  Just like a good Facebook funnel strategy, you have to give more than you get.  Thats Travis in a nutshell
Debbie Nelson - We are very pleased with our experience already in this short of time. What is really great about this coaching is that you are creating ads, and developing funnels all as you are learning. We've already generated over 30 leads, and have reached over 8,000 people, all with this being one of the cheaper ways we market our business. We started the next level of the ads in the funnel and are looking forward to the business we can generate through this, and excited to see what else we can learn from Travis' coaching.


The Basics
Learn the psychology of powerful ads that persuade leads to take action. Images, copywriting, call-to-action-buttons, and other design hacks create winning ads.
Ad funnels are the future of Real Estate marketing and are highly effective. Learn exactly how to build an effective ad funnel for your Real Estate business.
Targeting the right Facebook audience is essential for ad success and can make or break your campaign. Incorrect targeting also has a negative impact on your budget.
How to leverage the Facebook pixel and it's best uses for building custom audiences to re-target with retargeting ads. Recapture old leads and assert your influence.
Understanding the unique way Facebook utilizes its advertising platform in order to adjust your ads and campaigns to work with it and not against it.
Facebook tips, tricks, and ad hacks will be added weekly! Get the most out of your ad campaigns by applying everything shared for maximum conversion.
Advanced Marketing
Using a full-funnel marketing approach and harnessing the methodology of “priming and reminding”, create a full-funnel that includes brand awareness, client profile analysis, and targeting, top of funnel awareness, middle of funnel nurturing, and bottom of funnel conversion.
Understanding your ad performance provides insight to how your audience is reacting and allows you to optimize your message in order to increase conversion.
Learn the integration of Customer Relationship Management systems, IDX search pages, and any other technology you use for your business in to the Facebook ad campaign.
Also known as a push-along funnel, learn how to create ads that are dripped out to leads over a series of several days or weeks, always keeping your brand in front of them.
Create a full-funnel campaign that generates buyer leads in any desired market(s). Again using “priming and reminding”, create a full-funnel that includes brand awareness, IDX property search ads, top of funnel awareness, middle of funnel nurturing, and bottom of funnel conversion.
Knowing the difference between clicks and impressions and what's best for your type of campaign. Find out why your ad spend isn't working for you and how to fix it.
Automate email, text messaging, and Facebook ad campaign sequences. Create the follow-up process that ensures higher conversion rates for nurtured leads and free up your time.
Create a bot that will automatically interact with leads for you. Leverage Facebook Messenger to entertain, delight, and convert leads into real conversations and clients.
for just $249 per month
Mega boost your Real Estate business by generating leads on the #1 marketing platform in the world.
Influence your market, beat out your competition.


After enrolling, check your email for enrollment confirmation. There you will be given your members-only log-in credentials and access to join the private members-only Facebook group. From that moment forward it's non-stop discussions and learning between you all and myself.

In addition to ongoing forum discussions, we have weekly live webinars (Mondays & Thursdays @ 9amPST/2pmEST). We do screen shares while I will do actual Facebook optimization work and you can see what I'm doing, what I'm looking at, and why. These webinars are with actual members and you'll each get a chance to participate. We'll dig in the data, and have an ongoing Q&A session. Each webinar is between 1 and 2 hours. Each session will also be recorded so you won't miss anything if you can't attend live.

You also get access to written learning materials + videos. I will add new content as needed.

Every other week has a different campaign, and you get an assignment to work on. This way you get to practice what we learn - and get feedback so you can grow. Afterall, we'll be creating actual campaigns. 🙂


Maksym Sushkoa Real Estate veteran with over 15 years of experience in Real Estate brokerage Ownership, Agent management, Sales, and Marketing.  A highly sought after Facebook marketing strategist and national speaker on the topic of Facebook lead generation through psychology and persuasion for Real Estate agents. Travis has helped many Agents focus their Facebook ads on high lead generation and optimal conversion, increasing their revenue and online campaign successes.

Passionate about marketing, his understanding of how today’s online-empowered Real Estate consumer is changing the face of sales and enables him to create a better lead generation funnel based on consumer online behavior. Travis’ implementation of strategies based on consumer data has successfully sold and closed out multi-million dollar Real Estate developments, as well as millions in Single-Family dwellings. 

No contract. Ongoing support.

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