2727 Coworking


Modern 24/7 Offices to rent at Atwater.

       Target audience on

  Facebook and Instagram

       Average service/product                              cost



Men and women 20-55 years old with interests in business and other services.


A maximum number of requests at minimum cost.

It's a high price.

Great competition in Montreal.


It's a good landing page.

High-quality photos, videos and renderings.

Open 24/7.

Qualified sales department.

Sophisticated infrastructure.

Beautiful location at the edge of the Lachine Canal.

New open workspaces that fully equipped for all needs.


Launched advertising campaigns on the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

- advertising campaign in a lead-form format (people leave a request on Facebook);

-Video and photo creation;

We've launched advertising campaigns:

- on conversion for women and men from 18 to 50 years, with interests in: business, networking, technology.


Better results are shown by emotional texts and creatives with a minimum of pragmatic factors and more descriptions of emotions. The advertising campaign used a much more detailed text and focused exclusively on business. It is also very important to call the lead as soon as possible after receiving the application. Working through the popular objections of the target audience helps to get better traffic.

target applications 

average bid price

campaign duration


110      $2,6       30

    Do you need system

    cost-effective traffic

      to your business?