IA Financial Group

   Life and Health insurance company


       Target audience on

  Facebook and Instagram

       Average service/product                              cost






Women and men 25-65 years old with interests in life and health insurance.

2000+ $/per month

Maximum number of applications not exceeding $5

Great competition in Montreal.

Lack of quality advertising.

High check for services.

Quality reputation of the company, many years on the market. Opportunity to get a free consultation. Professional and knowledgeable advisors, all solutions and tips for your situation will be described at the consultation. 

Fast execution of documents. A professional website with all the important information.

Launch of advertising campaigns both for individual districts and for cities as a whole: 

- in the lead-form format (people leave the application directly on Facebook). 

- Google ads. 

- To reach a wide audience who need the firm's services.


This launch has shown that even in a short period of time you can gather a large number of requests for a highly specialized service. According to the results of the first runs, in the future we decided to use several groups of ads with different texts, images, for a certain period of time.



target applications 

average bid price

campaign duration


376      $10,1     78

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