Ideal Body Clinic 

   Weight Loss, Anti-Age and Natural Health Clinic 

       Target audience on

  Facebook and Instagram

       Average service/product                              cost






Women 18-50 years old with an interest in beauty and weight loss.


Qualitative leads worth no more than $12.

Conversion of the site 0%.

Lack of quality video and photo content that could be used to develop unique creatives.

High competition in the field of beauty services in Montreal.

Availability of shares for certain services.

Ability to order special services, gift cards, and membership.

Convenient location in the different areas of Montreal.

Use of professional cosmetics of premium quality.

Online shop with all products.


We've launched advertising campaigns:

- on conversion for women from 18 to 50 years, with interests: beauty, cosmetology, and weight loss,

- lead-form for a wide audience of women in their 18s to 50s.

-mailing through chatbots and Facebook

-create an account on Shopify and Google shopping


To achieve maximum results, we have launched a number of campaigns aimed at various salon services. In order to minimize the price per lead as much as possible, we have developed texts and banners with an emphasis on the promotional offer for the first customer. Thus, the customer received a base of new visitors, which in the future may become permanent. A wide audience proved to be the best without a detailed narrowing down of thematic interests (it is not so often targeted by competitors + lower price per lead).


238      $1,6       47

target applications 

average bid price

campaign duration

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