Nail Polish Kit

Nail Polish Kit

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  Facebook and Instagram

       Average service/product                              cost

All Canada

Wome 18-46 years old







Maximum number of applications not exceeding $5

Girls think it's hard to get a manicure yourself. 

Lack of confidence in the quality of the product.

Lack of time to visit manicure salons. 

Affordable price for a set. 

The cost of each manicure procedure is 10$, which is several times less than in the salon. 

Ability to update manicure independently at any time. 

Attached is a detailed instruction manual.


Launch of advertising campaigns to generate lids all over Ukraine: 

- Women 18-46, with the position of manicure and pedicure master. 

Start of advertising campaigns on conversion all over Ukraine: 

- Women 18-46 years old with interest in manicure and pedicure.

Two advertising campaigns on conversion and lid generation were launched. The process revealed that advertising for lid generation was ineffective. We turned it off and increased the campaign budget for the conversion. 

Standard banners with discounts on the set worked best. During the optimization process, some ineffective ads were turned off. Several variants of texts were tested. 

Due to the optimization of ads and budget increase, the client received daily requests, which were successfully closed for sale.




335      $4,3       43

target applications 

average bid price

campaign duration

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