Nelly de Vuyst

  Nelly De Vuyst® is a manufacturer of premium skincare brand

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  Facebook and Instagram

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Ukraine, USA

The female audience, 23-55 years old, who works in the field of beauty and cosmetology.


The cost of the application is not more expensive than $10.


Lack of quality ad campaigns to attract customers. 

High competition in the field of cosmetology and skincare brands in Ukraine.

The narrow range of target audience and customers.


Availability of promotions for certain products. 

Great website with all products and useful information.

Opportunity to try professional skincare products.

Availability of quality video and photo content. 

Certified by COSMOS® Organic and ECOCERT® GREENLIFE.


Launching Ad Campaigns all over Ukraine with the corresponding targeting:

1) The launch of PC in lead-form format (people leave an application directly on Facebook).

2) Launching the Promotion Campaign on the website.

3) A call to download a free catalogue.


In order to minimize the price per lead, we have developed texts and banners with a promotional offer for the first client. 

The text, which emphasized the pain of spending a lot of money on low-quality cosmetics that you can get rid of with a new modern brand like Nelly de Vuyst. 

Also, the call to support organic and vegan products that don't test on animals.




505      $4,4       91

target applications 

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