New Gta Condos


  Investment and Development company.

  Target audience on Facebook 

       Average service/product                              cost


People with children. Investors. Programmers. Those in the property business.Women and men 25-65 years old with interests in investments.

From 15,000$

Maximum number of requests at minimum cost.


-High average product receipt.

-It takes a long time for the client to make a decision. 

-Housing has yet to be commissioned.


They have great knowledge, years of practice in the investment area. 

Good landing page.

Quality photos, videos and renderings.

Qualified sales team.

Sophisticated infrastructure.


Started advertising campaigns for conversion in Toronto and nearby cities:

1) traffic to the site by 4 CA (wide, people with children, high paying capacity, business sphere);

2) lead-form LAL on those who filled out the form;

3) lead form retargeting for those who were on the site, interact with the company's pages, opened the lead form but did not fill it out.


The project has a good landing page where the user can see the 3D visualization of the future residential complex, get acquainted with the layout, area and number of floors.


According to the customer, our promotion and bid collection strategy is much more effective than what they had when working with the previous contractor. The applications are more "warm" and most people are interested in getting advice.


There are confirmed sales of apartments through our advertising, but it is impossible to determine the exact number because there is no CRM-system.


1211      $5,8     100+

target applications 

average bid price

campaign duration

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