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for taking the right step towards making the best for your business future!

Now, before you exit this page, it's IMPORTANT that you follow those next steps in order for us to complete your onboarding process successfully. 

Add me as an admin

As we have discuss during our call, i will need to be added as admin to

your ad account AND your Facebook page.

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If you DON'T have a Business Manager,

follow these three steps below:

1- Add me as a friend on Facebook “Maksym Sushko”

2- Here’s a short video on how to add someone to the facebook page 

3- This one how you can add me to the ad account 

IF you have a Business Manager,

you need to add me this way:

Anchor 1

1- Go To Business Settings > People > Add 


2- Write my email “” and click Next.

3- Assign The Facebook Page to me


4- Assign The Ad account to me


5- Click on Invite.

Image by Tyler Lastovich

If you need further help with the steps,

please feel free to let me know.

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