School of Robotics

       Target audience on

  Facebook and Instagram

Parents of children 8-14 years.

       Average service/product                              cost


250 $/per month

Maximum number of applications not exceeding $5


Not all parents understand the value of IT education.



The opportunity to evaluate the school by attending a free trial lesson 

Training in programming and robotics will give your child the opportunity to realize themselves in one of the most promising and dynamic areas of the 21st century - IT. 

Each child in the class has his own laptop and robot. 

Ability to work off the missed lesson and sign up for an extra one. 

Schools are located in different areas of Montreal, which allows you to choose a school near home.



Launch of advertising campaigns both for individual districts and for cities as a whole: 

- in the lead-form format (people leave the application directly on Facebook). 

- to AMOCRM/Google Forms. 

- on the school website (separate pages for each school have been created).



Geotargeting worked well in individual areas for each school (4 km around the school). It also improves the clickability of the district announcement and the school address.

Advertisements with texts that include an invitation to open a new school work best. But for obvious reasons, such texts can only be used for new schools.



target applications 

average bid price

campaign duration


276      $12,7     68

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