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  Commercial and Residential Renovation & Construction

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       Average service/product                              cost

Women and men 25-55 years old with interests in repairs and construction. 

Those who have recently moved and who need new kitchen or bathroom.



Maximum number of requests at minimum cost.





High average product receipt.

They have great knowledge, years of practice in the construction area. 

High-quality product. 

Kitchens and bathrooms from premium Canadian producers. 

High-quality branding.

Expansion work/addition of a room/addition of a floor.


We have launched advertising campaigns calling for "up 10 % OFF - for your dream kitchen or bathroom", on those who: 

- interested in renovation; 

- recently moved to Montreal and is solvent; 

- look-alike audience of the available list of clients.

Products with a large average check cannot be sold "in the forehead". This must be done gradually, or through special offers. This approach has shown its effectiveness in the example of renovations Semak Construction.


935      $10,7     365+

target applications 

average bid price

campaign duration

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