Sleep Baby

  Mobile sleeping sets 

         for children

       Target audience on

  Facebook and Instagram

       Average service/product                              cost


All Canada

Parents of children under 12 years of age (women in priority).


Maximum number of applications not exceeding $7


Lack of video content on the site and in social networks


A modern website. 

The presence of shares. 

Qualitative photo material taken by the customer, feedback from customers. 

High practicality of the product and individual tailoring. 

Operative delivery to any place in Ukraine. 

Qualified sales department.



Launch of advertising campaigns for conversion both to the whole Ukraine and the most solvent cities: 

- Women from 25 to 45 years with interest Motherhood (banners, ring). 

- Women from 25 to 45 years old, who are parents of children under 8 years (banners, ring). 

- Women from 25 to 45 years who live in the most solvent cities of Ukraine (banners, ring). 

- retargeting, interaction with Facebook, Look-alike, Stories.


The customer has created a conversion landing page with a detailed description of the uniqueness of his product. High-quality photo material and the availability of feedback ensured trust. Therefore, potential customers were loyal to fairly high pricing policy.



231      $6,7       81

target applications 

average bid price

campaign duration

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