DNN Renovations

 Design and construction of houses 

       Target audience on

  Facebook and Instagram

Men and women are aged 25-60 with home improvement interests in Montreal.

       Average service/product                              cost


5000-10,000 $

A maximum number of requests, not exceeding $10.


The high cost of services.

Fear of receiving poor quality repairs.

Global distrust in construction companies and the fear of being deceived.


The quality of work performed is at a high level.

Some contractors who shut down the whole cycle of work.

Portfolio of high quality ready-made repairs.

Video surveillance of the works 24/7.

Architects with 10 years of experience.

Beautiful interior and exterior of the buildings. 

High construction speed compared to other technologies. 


Based on our experience with such a product, we decided to attract target applications through the lead form.

The texts emphasized the benefits that covered the client's main pains.

Used customer feedback.

As a result we received 119 leads from Facebook for $2.13;

we collected contacts on the lead form on Facebook. 



Having received the results of the lead form testing, we decided to generate more leads using the special texts. After the implementation of lead forms on Facebook, it was possible to stabilize and significantly reduce the lead price.

According to the customer, our promotion and requisitioning strategy are much more effective than what they got when working with the previous contractor. Requests are more "warm" and most people are interested in getting advice.


There are confirmed sales of services on our ads, but the exact number can not be identified.


317      $1,8     105

target applications 

average bid price

campaign duration

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